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Apr 23, 2007



Great viewpoint!! I am surprised some car dealer has not hired you to draw his cars!!


The "problem" with your blog is that every time I come here I am filled with conflicting emotions of envy and admiration. Your work is so beautifully simple in the way that only complex things can be, and your voice is so inspiring. Yet I am completely humbled by your command of your mediums and your patience. So I'm sorry, but I think I might have to "hate" you. (grin) I hope you don't mind. jw


It's at least a car I could love. Yes. It's nice. And it's easy to love a car you have drawn :)


I can relate to the skirt comment. Today I took my class out for a sketchcrawl and I was wearing a skirt. I thought all was well and good until I got home and Edgar asked me if I'd been crossing my legs "like that" today as the slit in my skirt caused it to be a little on the revealing side. Whoops. It's hard to look pretty and sketch pretty.

Terry Banderas

France--All of your artwork is inspiring and I look forward to all of your new posts.


Having only recently discovered your blog I am in awe of your drawings. Just brilliant. I'm in a similiar position of admiration and envy - but I hope to take inspiration :-)

This particular drawing for some reason has been on my mind since I first saw it. Will definately be coming back to see what you've posted. Keep it up!


Whoa, thanks everyone!

Carry Bacot

Hi France! It's so amazing that you can effortlessly draw something you just saw in a parking lot. And I must say, it looks so real! I think this can make a good poster for an ad campaign, right? :)

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