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Jan 22, 2008


Joan Y

The first words out of my mouth were, "OMG!" His hair, the veins on his head, that beautiful profile ... perfection! I swear your drawings make me drool! (It's a rather weird phenomenon).

Laurel Neustadter

Your portraits are amazing. They are so expressive. This one is beautiful. Great pencil work.


Wow! France, this has got to be one of your most phenomenal to date! I am utterly blown away!

Eric Whiting

Hey France, what's goin on. I decided a week or so ago to update my internet homepage to yours - so every morning I get something beautiful to start the day with. This is my first time posting here. O.K., so I need to know process for curiosity sake. Was this sketch for instance 3 hours in a soft chair while listening to Massive Attack, or are you a perfect posture, table sitter with snack breaks every 15 minutes. Maybe you're a pick a little, walk away, pick a little more, look at it in a mirror, pick some more type artist. Any way you slice it - beautiful work - your work goes great with my coffee first thing.
thanks! e


Geez, did you hear my socks hitting the floor?! Awesome awesome drawing!!!


France, this drawing is absolutely B-E-Autiful. The expresssion on his face is wonderful....one of your best.


Thanks for your kind comments, Joan, Ryan, Laurel, Eric (i am flattered you made my blog your internet homepage! I guess i will have to keep posting daily!!), Teri and Stephen.


Amazing work as always. I'm out of words..


is that a screw on his ear?

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