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Apr 24, 2012


Vicki in Michigan

Love your drawings, ipad or paper.... :-)

Do you have an ipad3? When I went to the paper app site you link to, it said that it was especially good for the ipad3....



Thank you, Vicki :-)
It is the latest iPad and the graphics are great. It's hard to consider a plain piece of paper after using the app! It is so bright and crisp.


I see you ponied up for the other brushes :-) What stylus are you using (if any)? I have a Bamboo which I'm quite happy with.


Pony up I did -- with an iTunes gift card!
I am using a Griffin stylus -- a little thing I had bought for my iPhone but which I ended up never using with it. Since the iPad, it's turned out to be pretty indispensable (i.e. Draw Something!). I will look up Bamboo.

Don West

I have the same setup. How do you get the color brush small enough to fit in tiny spaces like the shoe tongue??

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