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Aug 18, 2006



WOWOWOW!!!! These are jaw-dropping incredible!!! From the eyes to the fingernails -- simply stunning!!! WOWOW!!


I am in awe!!! These drawings are so full of personality. Absolutely wonderful!


c'est magnifique


i can't help but crack-up seeing this friend of yours covering his laugh with his hands....i just want to laugh with him....you have a way 'of drawing' in the observer!
no pun intended!

ccl grt

Décidément, c'est dans les portraits que tu excelles. Dessiner des mains, il n'y a rien de plus difficile et là aussi tu y réussis à merveille. Une nouvelle fois, bravo !


Just gorgeous beyond description. Oui, c'est clair que vous pouvez dessiner comme un ange.

Suzanne Buchanan

These are simply amazing.


These drawings are famtastic. The detail on the hands of 'the stranger'- the knuckles and nails, is just incredible; really inspirational.


great hands! my kids and i have those crooked pinkies too. not so unique i guess. ;)

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