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Oct 31, 2006



Perfect for today! I love my watercolor Moleskine and I think you will too. I expect to see lots of color drawings now (teehee)


I love the perspective you've captured in this fellow. That jaunty chin is laughing at something.


I have a watercolor moleskine too... I'm just a bit afraid to use it all the time cause if I screw up, I'm gonna cry ;) It a bit too precious for me right now.


It is scary. However, it is interesting.
One of traditional very old themes.

Suzanne Buchanan

Nice job. I like the perspective you chose. So what do you think about the Moleskine so far? I've been reluctant to get one simply because of its size...I like a huge notebook. Also, did you get one of the watercolor ones? When you get a chance, check out http://www.esterwilson.blogspot.com if you haven't before. Her process for working in her Moleskine is so interesting. She works in so many layers.

Arielle Baio

i bought moleskin recently too....they are awesome arent' they???

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