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Dec 25, 2006



Oh wow, this is so amazing! It's brilliant. There seems to be a lot of drinks in there and not much food!! Oh well, I suppose it is Christmas! I have been considering getting some Moleskines for a little while - quite simply because I hear so much about them that I almost feel like I should!This picture is just brilliant, I wish it was mine.
(Glad to see somebody else Blogging on Christmas day!!)


Yes, Andrea, when i finished the drawing, i realized there weren't many 'solids' in there (the cilantro, the tomatoes and the garlic are in the plastic drawers at the bottom -- and i honestly didn't go into that much detail!) , but as long as there's Cherry Coke or Mountain Dew, i can function. Also, like Jana, i am not too impressed with Moleskine. The format is awkward, and the paper (at least according to me) is not what it's cracked up to be. I miss my little Muji pad i bought last summer.
And yes, blogging on Christmas! Dinner isn't until 7. :-)


Leave it to you to come with something unusual like the WHOLE refrigerator!! You are always so interesting!!

Sugar Mouse In The Rain

You make seemingly uninteresting things look very interesting. Merry Chirstmas and happy new year.

Jane LaFazio

Fabulous drawing!!


Very cool drawing!

I have solved the moleskine paper problem for myself by rebinding them with my preferred paper. That may seem extreme, but it works for me. I am about to prepare another such book and will be posting about the process on my sketchblog.


Wonderful drawing France. I really admire your style and eye for detail.


Goodness gracious France! This is amazing. I have seen so many refrigerator challaneges. Your post by far is the most artistic. I'd stare at your illustration longer than any photograph taken.


Oh I forgot to ask. is that a filtered water pitcher near the milk?

Jana Bouc

My what a tall fridge you have! Were you sitting on the floor looking up to draw it? I've never done this EDM challenge but it looks like it would be fun (though chilly) to draw. I'm not really that anti-Moleskine. I like the little sketch Moleskines for drawing on the subway and I like the large watercolor ones except wish the shape was more square. I'm beginning to think the only solution is to make my own. I always have half a dozen notebooks going at one time, always trying to find just the right shape/size.

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