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Jan 23, 2007


Floating Lemons

Excellent. Do I have to say it again: brilliant crosshatching! And I like the way you've placed it on the page ... I'm learning to notice these things now!


France -- you even make common plugs exotic -- fabulous, fabulous job on this!


Einfach perfekt! Und wie brav dass du den Anhänger (tag) nicht entfernt hast :)


Oh my goodness! Not only is the plug perfect, you even have the upside-down writing. Geesh!

andrea j

It's just so brilliant. I forgot to mention on Flickr how much I LOVE that label and barcode and cross-hatching and.......


Good for you...getting to an EDM challenge! Here's my question: do you flip your paper over to draw the lettering on the label, or do you draw it upside down concentrating on the forms alone?


You know, Suzanne, i thought about doing that, and then i thought "nah". I turned the paper upside down and wrote the normal way on the tag!!

Kate (Cathy) Johnson

VERY cool plug! I love the way you used the crosshatching following the form...

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