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Mar 23, 2007



Your command of the pencil and details astounds me everytime I come here!! Great way to unwind.

Cathy (Kate) Johnson

Whoa--"a few MINUTES"??

That's a wonderful drawing...when I did the art room at school it took me a LOT longer than a few minutes though.*G*

andrea j

Just great. I adore these kind of drawings of yours.


A few minutes was actually half an hour! I find that i need at least 45 minutes to an hour to do something i will have a sense of completion about.
Thank you heaps for the comments and the regular visits, Teri, Cathy and Andrea.


Really! Have you published any of your work? I think of you as an authority in illustration. You do great work. And these "I had a few minutes" so I created something remarkable always makes my mouth gape.


At first glance I felt sure this must have been drawn from a photo - but no! You are incredible! How do you manage to be so fast and so accurate at the same time? I wonder what you'd have added if that bell hadn't rung. This looks finished enough to me.


Really great! I have a hard time drawing "chaos", but you've captured the haphazard scene in a crisp and vibrant way.

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