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Apr 16, 2007



wow! quite a lot i´ve still got to learn.

Terry Banderas

I liked the phased effort on your "Folds" drawing. Those clothes must have laid there for a while to show that much detail in your drawing.


Oh my gosh, it's fabulous!!! I find folds so difficult and you make it look like it's as easy as pie.

Love your other new sketches, the shoes and the desk.


I'm addicted to neat piles of clean clothes, but I'd never seen them as art before. I love your style.

andrea j

He he! Are you SURE you've finished with it??
It's totally brilliant.

Jana Bouc

I love it! The jeans especially are wonderful. I drew my folded laundry once and enjoyed it. There's something so satisfying about fresh folded clothes.


I love this drawing! you are so talented at drawing and this "unfinished look" gives this drawing a special charm...almost a suggestion that the folding will never be done, it is an ongoing process, there will always be a new heap to take this one's place....I love this!


Oh Francis, I am just sooooo jealous of your skill with a pencil!!!!


Oh oh oh! Sorry - what got into me? I called you Francis instead of France. Sorry!!! Jules ( just too boggled by the folds, I expect!!! LOL)

andrea j

So so so so brilliant. I was considering doing this with a pile of towels - I think I may not bother now! In fact I may pack in drawing now!


This is mind-blowingly superb!


You are absolutely amazing!

Jane LaFazio

gorgeous and mysterious.

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