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Oct 24, 2007



It's reassuring to know that even you sometimes feel insecure enough to fall back on your 'crappy' sketchbook. I suspect it won't be long before your pen and watercolours have found a secure place in your other sketchbooks. Love your work.


I LOVE these. The stapler is wonderful and the markers work great - I always think that using marker is a really brave move and I'm a bit of a coward! The overhead projector is a lovely bonus too.

Joan Y

Yay! Two for one France! I like how you layered the colors over the yellow and blue. Sometimes color is the perfect thing. And the projector is simply mah-vah-lous! Different kind of pen?


Hey Joan!! Same pen as always! The old Pilot V5. I had not originally intended on adding color to the stapler, but when I got home that night, it looked blah, ya know? So I added some red-pinkish watercolor around it. And this time, it looked like absolute shite. Tom gave me precious advice: push the yellows on top and the blues at the bottom, and paint the darn thing green. So suddenly, it came back to life. And oh Andrea, it's not markers, it's brush and watercolor by the way!

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