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Jan 17, 2008



First, THANK YOU for sharing your amazing drawings and for posting so regularly! Seeing each of your new posts is absolutely one of the joys of my day.

I'm also wondering if you might answer a question for me. It looks like in your earlier pencil drawings you do more fluid, side-of-the-pencil-type shading (forgive me for not knowing the proper terminology to use); whereas in your more recent pencil drawing, you use more hatching like one would typically see in pen and ink work. They're all WONderful, but I was just wondering if this has been a conscious evolution and if you have any tips or ideas you might share about the process. If this question seems too tedious, it's absolutely perfectly fine for you not to answer.

Thank you again for letting all of us out here in the web world enjoy your wonderful work!

Joan Y

Hey France, I can understand your point because I feel the same way when I draw from pictures. Perhaps it is different for you because you are able to capture a likeness better than most of us. If I drew this guy, it wouldn't look at all like him ... so, no problem! But despite that, you HAVE made it your own, filtering the image through your brain and needing to decide where to put a line, highlight, shadow. You've turned this into YOUR point of view ... in my humble opinion. :)


same here, i feel like a cheater, but first i need to practice my skills in portrait drawing and that is easier from a pic. and hopefully one day can draw life.


I completely understand. I haven't drawn from a photo for the same reason. Though sometimes I feel like that limits me. I'm sure when/if I get to portraits i;d have o start w/ a photo.

This is beautiful drawing! Your portraits really are amazing.


I love that belly you captured a while back and that little tv nook...it is amazing how you've captured everything going on there, without making it a chaotic drawing....that really takes knowing what you're doing! and you've captured wonderful personality in this portrait.

Terry Banderas

Do not feel bad drawing from a photo. That image is from a mechanical device that anyone with a camera can do--some well, some poorly. Tons of people can do that. You, however, are creating an image that your "born-with talents" allow you to do and you are able to make the art look like the photo. Tons of people cannot do that. You are blessed with a wonderful talent.


Thanks for your comments, guys.
Melinda -- i agree, as i notice a change myself between the drawings i did in late '06 and those i have been doing more recently. I think i had a tendency to use "squiggles" to convey values with my pencils then -- i blended a bit randomly with the tip of the pencil. But since i've drawn more with pens too, i've applied (albeit subconsciously) the crosshatching to pencil drawings. So, to answer your question, i don't think it's been a conscious evolution, though crosshatching does speed things up when i remember to do it. :-) Thank you for your kind words!
Kerstin, i agree wholeheartedly too. I do these portraits as a way to practice, and to continue NOT making a big deal out of a drawing. The more frequently i draw, the more i "desacralize" the process, y'know?
Thank you, Joan, Genine, Ronell and Terry!

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