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Mar 26, 2008



Hi, France - This is a gorgeous drawing... as always. Selfishly, I'm really sad to hear that you'll be posting less frequently because seeing each of your new posts is something I truly look forward to. I learn so much from looking at each drawing! I can understand that keeping up such regular posting is quite an undertaking though, so it makes sense that you'd need a break. I'll just make a point of treasuring each post you do make that much more. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work with us, and I hope you're off to do lots of things you'll enjoy! :)


Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and your incredible talent! Sorry to hear that you'll be posting less often, but I hope that the time away will be all that you need it to be. Take good care...


Aw NO! I'm devasted to hear you won't be posting so much. Still I am luckier than most as I'll be seeing your work first hand soon.
This is great. Love the worn down heel.


Thank you, Melinda, Lynne and Andrea for your response! I am unsure as to what "less frequent" exactly entails, but lately, i have found that trying to post every day has not necessarily improved the quality of what i post. I need to take more time to explore, experience, absorb -- and take my time! See you soon!

Joan Y

I am here because I am having a severe case of France B withdrawals. LOL And it hasn't been a day yet! Seriously gurl, sometimes taking a break is exactly what we need. I will be here! This gorgeous drawing will keep me occupied for some time! :)


This is awesome - the reflections give it amazing depth, and that heel adds so much character!

Posting nearly every day is tough, so "less frequently" makes sense. And in return, I will try really hard not to pout. ;)

Neil Toulch

I so love your sketches, paintings, doodles and so on, and do hope that less frequently is not that infrequent.


have a good break, hope you are up to something interesting, I have had an enforced abcence from blogging due to a rubbish internet connection and it feels as if my arms have been cut off!!


Thanks for your comments, Joan, Ryan, Neil and Sarah!

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