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Mar 29, 2008



How do you evaluate the size of your drawing compared to the real size of the object ?
Btw, Marvin is cute.


Wonderful, France! Terrific hatching! And Marvin is AWESOME!!!


Liu, i totally wing it! I try to get a rough idea of the amount of space i have on the page/spread and just draw! Au pif!
Thank you, Melinda. Marvin's the man :-)


Oh my. You never fail to amaze me.


Awesome! Love the point of view.


Great sketch!


Right then, I've been wondering what to draw for a few days now. I'm gonna dig out my old SLR and maybe I'll even draw the same angle. This, again, is so brillaint.
It truly is amazing what saying you won't be posting so regularly can do! Damn you are SO good.


Gorgeous work as always and I just love cameras too!


Great stuff! My boots looked like this till I got them heeled recently and the silly man levelled them to two different levels!!


Oh, I posted this on the boots drawing and it appeared here!

Margaret Hunt

wonderful sketch of a fabulous camera!!! TERRIFIC job!


I would love to see how you approach the hatching on an intricate subject like this one - I wouldn't have a clue where to begin. Don't cameras make beautiful drawings! Ironic, really, since in doing so they make themselves redundant.

My husband has the European equivalent of this camera: instead of "Rebel", it has a number which eludes me just at the minute.

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