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Apr 01, 2008



Ahah, very nice and very realistic !! :)
Another question for you if you don't mind : when you close your moleskine, don't you place some kind of light paper between the pages so that the drawing on one page do not damage the drawing on the other page ?


Liu, i always do! I am such a neat freak when it comes to stuff like that. I usually use a transparency paper -- so that one doesn't have to remove it when flipping through the pages. :-)

eric orchard

This is so, so good!
Your work is so stunning!


Wow...you are high tech. This image takes me back in time to being little and tape recording myself singing. Thankfully, those tapes were taped over...probably with New Kids on the Block or something... Not sure which is worse.


Oh my God. I nearly fainted when I saw this. I think its the best drawing I've ever seen! I think I'm going to have to announce that I'm not going to be posting for a while. Because the results are pretty fan-bloody-tastic.

no way

That's a classic. Many a day I spent sitting next to the radio and taping a song in my youth. I'm a high school art teacher, and used slide projector that would frequently smoke for art history, so this type of technology is widespread.

Your drawing is beautiful. I like the red button.


Cool drawing of an uncool object - made me laugh to see this but beautifully done France!

Margaret Hunt

Funny...do you work at my school....have several of those! Great job! Look at the califone with NEW eyes


Ahh - the touch of red! It could become a trademark. :)

I got a similar tape recorder as an 8th birthday present. It seems a lifetime ago.

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