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Jul 24, 2008


Stephen Gardner

I can't believe this one. That is an insane amount of detail, I'm going to spend some time going over this drawing. Great!

Pippa Joyce

I absolutely adore it. I have to go and look at it again.

Sherry Thurner

Beautiful, inspiring, and all yours! My eye goes right to the pencil sharpener and the keychain. Wonder why? The drawing is a feast for the eyes.


This is very good. I'm sure Andrea will absolutely love it.


oh my gosh! I want to be able to "see" and "draw" the details. I can "see" the details but I'm too impatient to draw them. sigh...I'll have to be happy doing art in my own style as much as I admire you and AndreaJ.

no way

Wow-the depth on this is amazing, especially in the Micron pen and the pencil sharpener. This is so cool to look at up close. Beautiful work!


You two (you and Andrea) are SO inspiring. Now if only I could stop looking at (both of) your drawings and go and do some myself :-)


WOW! Blimey. That's phenomenal. That moley must be getting pretty scary now. I notice elements of various countries in there, I see Brussels in there somewhere, paperchase, paris metro, santa cruz, jiffy lube, just amazing. My favourite bit might be the micron pen, expertly done.


Cheers guys, for all the nice input.
Pete, i carry around pieces of where i've been/lived (lest i should forget?!) -- yes, there's Brussels, Santa Cruz, an old metro ticket from Paris, a stub for the swimming pool in Colombier-Fontaine, France... :-)


WOWZERS! This is certainly an Andrea drawing! Just gorgeous France!!


This is awesome! Love all the detail!

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