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Jul 29, 2008



There are pencil extenders that you can buy like the one at this website (http://www.dickblick.com/zz229/59/) . Just a thought, if you really want to use them all the way up. Or maybe you could commission Jennifer Maestre (www.jennifermaestre.com) to make a sculpture out of all the little retirees =). I have no afiliation with either web site... =) I am just trying to be helpful. Love your art!


The Old Pencils Home?

no way

How funny-I just came across the work of Jennifer Maestre myself-it's pretty cool, especially the pendants she makes out of pencils. And I second the pencil extender-I give those out to my students when their Prismacolors get tiny, and they're great.

Excellent layout here, also.


Colleen, thank you for the links! I had never heard of pencil extensions before -- they make so much sense.
AND I checked out Jennifer Maestre's work -- wow! Thanks guys.


A fun and funny post. I say cremate them and then give them a decent burial in your flower garden.


I think I'm a bit late on this one. But I'm a big fan of pencil extenders too! I just get mine off ebay. I think they're listed as 'metallic' pencils extenders, and they're really cheap, and oh-so useful. You can see what happens to my tiny pencils here:
I keep them in a little jar. Yep, a little hall of fame, of sorts. I just wanted to see how many I'd go through in a year! I'm still so surprised that I'm on my 25th drawing and have only used 13... Which is more motivation to keep drawing and see if I can hit 20 by the end of the year!!!
Love your work, by the way. Such a variety!!

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