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Aug 10, 2008



And you stole the button from Andrea :) You did a beautiful job on these hands and the button-love the bit of color.

Joan Y

Your hands are beautiful hands. Mine usually looks like irregular sausages!


Hmmmm...is this the hand that will pick up AJ's scattered buttons? Nice one. Agree - hands are tough! I think they are easier to draw large. When making them smaller than life size I have a hard time making them look real.



I often visit your blog for inspiration and entertainment. You have a marvelous gift for drawing. I have nominated you for a Blog Award at http://inkyvisions.blogspot.com/




Yep, I have to say hands are one of those things I steer clear of too! It's funny though, I've been drawing them too. I want to start off my new Moleskine with a hand so I'm pacticing now.
I think this is a great attempt. I'd be more (MORE) than happy with it. The text also got me thinking. I didn't start a blog to complain about how much I disliked all my drawings!! Yes. Indeed.

Love the button too! Hey, this would have been a great follow on from my drawing in Miguel's moley.

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