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Aug 19, 2008



This is fantastic!

That's it. Once I've finished this latest chunk of work, I've got to get to my neglected sketchbooks!!


It's amazing how you get the expressions in portraits. You know I DO love your works. Hugs.

José Luis

Je suis un fan inconditionnel de ton travail....de tout ton travail. Quesqu´on peut dire d´autre quand on est un fan inconditionnel. On n´arrive rien a dire parce qu´on a toujours le souffle coupé :)

Sorry my english is very very bad....et je sais que tu parle français :)

Thank you, merci



my gosh she is pretty!!!! Love her mouth! could you hook me up with her! ha ha ha!!


Amazing portrait, this must be one of your best! Love the way her hair disappears into the background - oh and the skin texture and the shadows across her forehead etc., etc.! Only a pretty face could afford to make this face! ;)

Stephen Gardner

I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again anyway, you are a born illustrator. I know how difficult it is the do a job like that, you really are amazing.


This is fantastic!


Lexy, Martin: thank you!
José Louis, ravie de lire un commentaire en français -- ils sont rares!
Edgar, you may not believe it, but here's the same Sara, in different shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/awfulsara/sets/185469/
Felicity, thank you for your comment.
Stephen, now i am blushing.
Marva, thank you!


Ha! This is great! And who of us can say we haven't made THAT face before, huh?
Love your stuff!
~ hugs from Canada :)

suzanne buchanan

Love it! Love it! Such a great expression...captured with such precision!

Joan Y

I keep coming back to this picture. So much character you convey! I checked out Sara's portfolio and it kicks *ss!


Haha! What a brilliant facial expression! And an amazing drawing. 4 hours huh? That's way faster than me!

Sara Heinrichs

O my good lord.

How I missed this I'll never know, but it is totally terrifying and awesome. Oh how I want it. I am the lovely specimen pictured above, my crowning glory. And a tidbit bout me you might NOT have known is that I was born in France, St. Jean de Gonville (well, Ambilly, actually, but my family lived in St. Jean, a tiny town at the base of the Jura). Went back as a teenager to be an exchange student, living in Lyon for a year in 1995 when you were relocating to the US. What delicious synchronicity.

But seriously... would you part with this? Specially if I traded you some bee-oo-ti-ful photographs of your choosing? Give me a shout!



Sara! It's so good to hear from you. I cannot believe you were born in France. I looked up Saint Jean de Gonville on a map and found that it is not only close to Oyonnax (where my sister was born) but no more than a couple of hours away from my hometown, a stone's throw away from Switzerland!
Let me try to contact you via your website -- or Flickr mail :-D

With much admiration

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