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Aug 08, 2008


Stephen Gardner

Another masterpiece, you handle a pencil so well.


You are an exquisite wrinkle maker.


The placement and composition you chose are very intriguing! He/she looks as though you could reach out and touch his still delicate elephant skin.

Rick Green

Nice - I always enjoy looking at your work.



A gorgeous job! Right down to the hair on his chin. There is just something about elephants that is so enticing.

eric mikkelsen

I can just see this in the Sistene Chapel with God reaching out and touching the tip of his trunk!


Green is in raptures! I would snuggle this baby peanut-muncher all day long.


the eye is truly amazing


He is super-cute... and to think I just watched Dumbo on YouTube! :-)

Alvaro Carnicero

Magnífico trabajo! Felicidades.

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