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Sep 04, 2008



Congratulations on your marriage. Now get back to drawing!


Congratulations! What a fantastic drawing, and what great news, too. :)

Joan Y

LOL funny how you just slipped it in there! :) *congrats* my dear friend! :) I'm glad you're back to drawing cuz I've been checking every day and I've missed ya. This is a great way to start back up! :) Awesome, awesome!


Congratulations!! You and Suzanne must be two peas in a pod - or is there a bug going around?!! ;) Fab drawing, I love the texture of his skin!


Enhorabuena France! Great surprise (and awesome portrait)!


I keep finding something else I love in each little bit of your drawing!
And congrats!!!


Congratulations France! Many blessings for a long & happy marriage!
(...insert rice throwing here...)
I love the portrait...especially the wayward brow hair over his left eye.


"Oh yeah, and i got married." LOL. Félicitations au couple!!

What a tender drawing.

Stephen Gardner

Welcome back and congratulations, I'll look forward to seeing your wedding pics. Great drawing and keep em coming.


Wow - those eyes...
Congratulations! What a lucky guy.


Congratulations! Beautiful eyes here. I love looking at your portraits.


Congratulations to the groom for winning such a wonderful, talented bride!

As always, love your drawing.


I, too, love eyes in this one. Very sensitive, very beautiful. Love the chin too.

I have not picked up a pen in a week either. Unfortunately not because of anything as exciting as getting married. Congrats again, you two.


HOLY SMOKES!!!! You sure dropped that one subtly!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait or the pictures!!


OHHHHH CONGRATULATIONS - HOW FABULOUS!!! Can't wait to see pictures - and Yes I have missed your FABULOUS Posts !

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