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Nov 23, 2008



I've got a PowerBook G4. I am NOT a PC. I won't go PC ever again.


I'm thinking that it is a law of nature that one can never leave Target empty-handed....and in my case, without spending at least 50-. BUT, on the flip side, if you compare the price of your Target purchases to those made at the "mall" I'm sure you're in better shape :)


Much like when I bought my first 'first gen 5gb ipod'. Came with it's own case and more importantly adapter. There's a shop here on our little island that is an apple reseller and they say the margins are so tight on apple products it's very difficult to make a decent profit. How is the new aluminium hewned macbook anyway? Are you going to sketch it? ;)


Fabulous. I LOVE this.

Christopher Hack

another apple fan... love my macbook and iphone. have you tried iweb? i had a play around with that before i settled on typepad. gorgeous little sketch. also love your macbook air on your flickr. :O)

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