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Nov 24, 2008



This drawing is staggering, I am sincerley impressed with the sensitivity in your lines and the way you capture likeness. Seeing you do things like this makes me want to stop everything and just make art! I have struggled for years to make my artwork and never had so much encouragement by the fine examples I come across in the two months I've been following these blogs. Keep drawing and inspiring!


Beautifully done! I love the softness of it paired with the colored paper. It really tones down his stern look


absolutly masterpiece...beautifully done. Soft...can look at it forever:)



Cubist Comix

Fabulous drawing, France! Talk to you soon.

Joan Y

Now, THIS is the France I remember from the first time I saw your work! Your art still makes my heart full no matter how many times I view it! I am grateful for you!

Steve Hall

I have been back many times this week, just to recharge my creative batteries. I'll come back tomorrow, and the day after ...


Wonderful! I love the weathered face.

Oscar Pacquing Jr.

Awesome artwork, France!


Wow, I found this page randomly and like this drawing a lot.

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