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Nov 28, 2008


Cubist Comix

¡Felicidades France! Estupendo dibujo de Javier Bardem. Me encanto la película de el señor Allen.

José Luis

No he visto la pelicula pero indiscutiblemente Javier Bardem es un actor magnifico :) Tu dibujo como siempre estupendo :) (traduction: je n´ai pas vu le film mais sans doute Javier Bardem est un acteur magnifique. Ton dessin comme toujours superbe)


Finally, I can leave a comment on your blog. It's not easy though. It's still freezing ALL THE BLOODY TIME! Argh. It's my crappy lovely little laptop. Bless it's cotton socks.

Great drawings, France. I love the outline of his face. I love the lines. I love the shadow by his eye. I just love your work. Sometimes it sounds insincere, I've said these things so many times. But, France I really LOVE your work.

Steve Hall

I am going to divorce myself from portraits, they are so damn hard, I can spend hours sketching one, feel happy with it, go and make a cup of tea, come back and somebody - I have yet to find out who they are, rearranges the features and makes it look crap. I love coming here to see how it's done properly, you produce truly wonderful stuff.


Beautiful work you dork! No really, it is. Quite exquisite actually. Love the way you capture life...especially the eyes. Thanks for the movie recommendation also. Been looking for another dvd to fill the holiday break.


Haha...just read Steve's comment. So true, so true. Must be the same guy that steals the socks from the dryer.


That's not the face the surfaces in my dreams, but it is very well done. You're good.

Steve Hall

Just read Suzannes comment ... not into conspiracy theories and all that but while we are on the subject, how come toilet roll never runs out?


Thank you, sweethearts, for your comments... and reflexions on life's little mysteries :-D

Lynne Gillis

Your portrait makes me want to have this handsome man speak sweet nothings in Spanish in my ear... You totally captured the sexy part... just love your portraits. They are so enchanting!

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