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Dec 13, 2008



Congratulations! You more than deserve to be in the book.

suzanne cabrera

Awwwww....I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I feel famous by association :)


I just got my book today too and seeing your art was like seeing a friend there. You can be very proud!

I can't wait to sit down and look and look and look through that book. It is just wonderful.

Karen Blados

Congratulations! Yours are the pages I headed to first and they spreads chosen didn't disappoint. It's so wonderful to not only see the images, but get a glimpse into each artists' thoughts. GREAT Book!


Indulge away!
Cannot wait to get mine too. And, like Karen, I'll be searching out your pages first.

Arielle M. Baio

i came across this book in a Border's @ Columbus Circle on my lunch break. It was great to see your work in print. Congratulations!! Hope all is well.


So good to see your name appear here, Arielle! Thank you!
You must shoot me an e-mail: dieselrabbit [at] gmail [dot] com :-D

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