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Jan 15, 2009



Niice! I can tell you were showing some restraint here! I know how hard that is... The outcome is perfect!

I always wanted one of those teacher calendar/grade books....but never got one. Unfortunately, this is where I've gotten sucked in to the digital revolution.


I have grown to love your cross-hatching...especially on your christmas card!


I like the clean look of it very much, and OH, how I admire your ability to sketch so quickly. 30 minutes would not show the same results on one of my attempts (yet! =)

Your work is so inspiring!

Karen Blados

I could get the cup done in 30 minutes. ;-)

Very nice sketch, as always.

no way

This reminds me of my own desk in the art room, complete with "old school" gradebook. I always have the paper copy and the electronic copy-nothing like making double the work for yourself!

And I love the comment about cross-hatching. If hatching is good, then cross-hatching will make it even better! (This is often my thought process. It doesn't always turn out to be right. Good use of restraint here!)


Glad you decided against the hatching. Lovely the way it is.


Your drawings are terrific with or without cross-hatching. This weekend I revisited a basic lesson on how to hatch ... and now have even bigger oodles of respect for those of you who do it well.

You made splendid use of your 30 minutes. I agree with Pippa's description of it as "clean". The unshaded areas give the drawing space to breathe. Nice work.

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