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Jan 28, 2009



une de plus, et pas des moindres, très chouette !


This is so great France, love the angle.

Stephen Gardner

Such a dynamic drawing, I do believe it's my favorite one of your car drawings so far.


Oui, France, l'angle est excellent, on dirait une personne, le pare-choc, une bouche qui sourit...

chris hack

hi there...

a fellow blogger recently sent me a favourite blog award. details are on my latest post on my blog (the rules and stuff). the idea is that you nominate 8 other blogs you like. and then they in turn do the same. i thought it was such a lovely idea... and have picked you fantastic blog as one of mine. hope you like.

and keep up the fantastic work. which is such a constant daily inspiration for me.


chris hack

oh... and i love the latest wagon. brilliant.


I like your drawing especially on classic car . I own a classic morris oxford 1959. and still using it to work. I tried to draw it couple of time but failed, badly.just bought a book by danny and yours are one of the best. congratulation.aminsaim. Malaysia.

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