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Apr 20, 2009



Ohhhh dear...these are my favorite candies as well! Love the binder clip...the bag says..."TAKE ME" whereever you go...and I will be empty before the day is done! Love your work France!

(I haven't eaten an M & M since a year ago last Jan..and have lost 104 pounds!!) I will eat them again..just not this year!


Ummmm, comfort in a bag, Happy Birthday !!


A VERY HAPPY (and sadly belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU. M&M's beat cake any day!!!

Your drawing prompted me to go back in time to my own drawing of M&Ms...nearly 3 years ago: http://suzannebuchanan.blogspot.com/2006/08/little-somethin-somethin.html

I love when our drawings overlap. You've captured the waxiness of the bag so, so well.

birthday presents

That could be just a simple gift yet it surely touches your heart. No matter how simple the gift was, what matter most is they remember your birthday.

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