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Dec 30, 2010


Joan Y

She is beautiful! And this drawing is beautiful too! I love that you have a babylogue moleskine. Seems very appropriate. :)


I love, love, love this! And I don't see anything wrong with the size of the eyes. What a beautiful child and a beautiful drawing.



C'est jolie ta fille! Le portrait est excellent! Bonne Année avec de beaux dessins!
Vera (du Brésil)

Edgar Cabrera

wow! Nora is growing so fast! you will have to get her a job soon! ohhh i forgot... the economy :( Nora get back to play and grow!


She's absolutely gorgeous, and such a beautiful drawing - I love her sparkling eyes!


well i think she is so absolutely gorgeous and beautiful....and what an amazing drawing. I love ALL the things you post. You are such an inspiration for me because you are a self-taught artist as well. If I EVER can come close to having about 60% of your talent, I'd be made!


Gorgeous production! Congratulations x 2 (or 2000!)
She doesn't really look out of proportion because of how sharply you've rendered those eyes.

andrea joseph

Ohmygosh. Where have I been? SOOOO much beautiful new work on your blog. This one especially.

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Guilherme Silva

awesome work! hugs from Brazil

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