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Aug 28, 2011



Flooded basement. Enough to give me nightmares after an event we had here in March. My heart goes out to anyone who has to endure that. I like your simple and beautiful drawing.

stephen Gardner

Hi France, glad to know you survived, we were stranded up in Highland Lake with no power or water.
Oh the fun we had. This is a another wonderful drawing and it looks like you are doing great with the Iphone. My Wife just got an Ipad but I can't prize it away from her.

Annalise Johnnie

That's horrible, Stephen. It's good that Irene is gone now, but it left a lot of headaches for a lot of people. It did so much damage... Well, in any case, I hope your basement got fixed so you won't need your rubber boots.

Renay Milman

Sounds icky. A flooded basement can be pretty annoying, all with the damage and muck left behind. Well, it's great that you're not letting any of that bother you - the rubber boots sound pretty practical! Irene is gone, and I hope that the same can be said of your basement problems.

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