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Apr 05, 2012


Hamish McLaren

Hello I have seen your amazing drawings many times and your style is very inspiring and I was wondering what type of pens,pencils,paper and pads you use it would be a great help thank you for your time

Edgar Cabrera

this is just unreal! how in the world do you do this?!


Stunning. As someone who barely gets to draw something resembling a face on DrawSomething, my jaw just dropped to the floor!


I can't believe you've created this using an iPhone. Amazing!


Dpesn't he look like Clive Owen (the actor)? BTW it is amazing knowing you've drawn this whith an iPhone #FAN


Oh my goodness gracious! How on earth did I miss seeing this before. You were great before, but you've moved into super hero status now!

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The original photo is by SalaBoli on Flickr -- and though my guy doesn't quite look like the original, I am not redoing this.

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