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Oct 24, 2012



Wow! Your drawings are too good for the game. ;) mine are more like drawings for pictionary. I'd be over the moon if I played with you. Wish I'd save some of my "best" drawings just so I could show what I mean. My daughter and I have a grand time with the game. She gave it to me for my birthday. Our unbroken record is 197 drawings straight.

You make me realize how lazy I am about using Paper 53 over actual pencil, paper and markers. You inspire me too. :) Thanks for both, and for showing artists like me what is possible with an iPad.

Jurgen V.

Draw Something still is great daily fun little escapade for me - especially when playing with someone who has incredible drawing chops such as you! I see you linked to my sadly neglected "weblog" - I really should put some more effort in that...


Cheers for the comments! Jurgen, talking of Draw Something, have you heard about this Pogo Connect stylus?


Whoops, late reply! Hadn't heard from it, nope, but it sure does look cool, no? Especially the "palm rejection" feature. $79,95, hmmmmm... are you getting one?


The price is a bit prohibitive right now, and I don't know if I want to get one before testing it. Hmmmmmm also!!

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